Sunday, 19 June 2016

Dashed if I do, Dashed if I don't.

Very exciting,  the dash is done. This is the holey version:

And then with the dials,  switches and warning lights all in place:

I really wanted to put the rocker switches down the right-hand edge in individually and vertical but I wasn't sure if I could do all the holes without messing at least one up,  so a simple panel neatens it up. I'm not a fan of the huge hazard button but it was the only one that didn't seem to need a separate flasher relay. 

Bit wonky in places,  not exactly a harmonious design but,  hey,  this is a kit car. If I'd  wanted perfectly aligned dials and stylish,  no expense-spared layout, I'd buy an MX5. Personally,  I think it's great... and I've emptied so many boxes!

Not wired up yet,  obviously:

That's the next job on the list...

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