Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Proof of Life

Just to assure my loyal fans (!) that I'm still alive,  a quick update...

In terms of physical work on the car,  attached the ignition wiring plug:

... and sorted out a couple of earth wires.

Because of the possible house move,  I'm holding off on any major work on the car (I could be doing the rear wheel arches,  front nearside suspension etc) because if the move goes ahead,  I'll have the luxury of a double garage which will make those stages much easier.

I have spent many hours on the wiring planning - I'm on about v32 of my schematic! Huge thanks must go to Simon at GBS who stupidly gave me his personal email address and has thus been bombarded daily with questions. Never mind a beer,  I'm going to owe him a brewery by the time I'm finished.

I wish I could have afforded to buy the GBS looms which would have made this whole process plug-and-play but at least this way I'm learning a lot about car electrics, although it's taking ages.

I still need to finalise the location of all the switches on my dash before I can even start wiring and,  more importantly,  cut the holes needed.

Oh yes,  and there is an exciting twist in the engine department in the offing...hopefully to be unveiled next time.

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