Monday, 23 May 2016

Diversion ahead

Well,  I have done a little work over the last week, finishing the holes for the warning lights on the dash.

I've then spent a few hours trying to sort out the wiring design for the all the dash instruments - Jeez,  that opened a can of worms. I assumed that as I was just swapping column switches for rocker switches,  it would be simple but,  oh no! It has actually been quite fun but it is properly complicated. I have a wiring schematic of epic proportions which I will add to his blog but I'm just going to try get it checked by GBS first. The wiring for the hazard switch is looking particularly onerous...

However,  there may be a delay in proceedings as we're considering moving house and have spent the last week bidding on a house with,  get this,  a DOUBLE GARAGE!! So,  the next week or 2 is working on our house to get it ready for buyers. It all may fall through but I'm very excited...

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