Sunday, 15 May 2016


Time to anoint my car - OK,  I mean add coolant. I bought some pre-mixed water and anti-freeze which,  handily,  is pink so should make any leaks more obvious on the white paper I put down:

Gingerly poured in all 5 litres - immediate leak at the bottom of the header tank because I had forgotten to tighten the clip there - Doh! Small leak further down - clip tightened and it stopped. Added a couple more litres of water (run out of pre-mixed stuff) and looks OK so far. I won't have any water in the pipe from the top of the radiator to the thermostat - that will have to wait until the engine is started and I get some heat into it to open the stat - but the theory is looking OK as no other leaks at present. Will check it tomorrow...

I also drilled the holes in the dash for the 2 main dials. I took a risk and used the 76mm hole saw to make the required 80mm hole - fortunately it worked well and it just needed a small amount of sanding to get the dials in.

I started on the holes for the warning lights but these need to be 14mm wide and my largest drill bit is 10mm. I couldn't think of a safe way of extending the holes (I don't have any sanding drum that small) so I've ordered a conical drill bit to do the job with. I also used a scrap bit of fibreglass to practice doing a square hole for the rocker switches I'm going to need for lights,  hazards etc. Took quite a while on do one and it wasn't very neat - need to have a think about a better way of doing them (I need 5).

My plan was also to put those down the right-hand edge of the dash but there isn't a lot of space there - I'll need to trim pieces out of the metal back plate that the dash rests on. Need to think about whether to continue down this route or try putting them elsewhere...

Also bought and fitted the battery,  which is fairly major - hints at Frankensteins monster coming to life soon?

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