Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Time to start making irreversible holes in my expensive dashboard - no pressure then.

I bought a cheap hole saw kit which I didn't have 100% faith in,  so to make the 52mm holes for the smaller dials,  I started with the 44mm bit,  working on the assumption that I can make a small hole big but not vice-versa. The kit has a 51mm bit but I didn't trust it to not make too large a hole,  which would be a disaster.

So,  nice and slow,  managed to drill 4x44mm holes and then used a sanding drum to extend them out to the right size by sanding a bit then holding the gauge to the hole. First one:

... and an hour or so later,  all done:

Looking good...

Tip if you're doing this yourself - use the largest sanding drum that will fit in the hole. I started with a smaller one and you can see the cruddy shape of the 2 holes on the bottom compared with the 2 on the top:

Luckily,  the dial surround will hide any gaps.

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