Sunday, 18 November 2018

Wings and Things

With the headlamps now incorporating an indicator, I could safely get rid of the carbuncles that IVA required. I was considering just getting rid of them totally but i have a little problem with the wiring to my new headlamps. My fault but i seem to have a loose connection on one side and, occasionally, the indicator doesn't work. I've tried to rewire it again tonight so its hopefully fixed but I've decided its better to have dedicated indicators, in case of a repeat in future.

I bought some funky and tiny motorbike indicators and spent some time this evening fitting them and they look great - you can't see in the picture but they do that cool Kitt-style left to right motion:

The finishing touch was what i had planned to replace the indicators with - stick-on winglets:

They look pretty good and not bad for £5 - although I won't be surprised if they drop off on my first time out.

UPDATE: Yup, a couple did drop off but I think that was more because I knocked them with my feet. I like them so much, I decided to bolt them on, so they're here to stay.

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