Sunday, 11 November 2018

Memorable memorial

On a very wet Rememberance Day, I went on a short trip with the SKCC forum guys on their annual visit to the tiny village of Stopham for their memorial service. It seems the club members stumbled upon the service a few years ago, the locals were pleased to see them, so they go every year.

Although it wasn't raining when i got up at 7am, the roads were soaked and, every now and then, it hammered down but Zedster took it in his stride. I still haven't got straps on my doors, so water still sprays up and wets my elbow but otherwise, i'm dry and almost too warm with the heat from the engine. I took the drive more carefully because of the conditions but it was still good fun, with a few (intentional) rear end drifts on roundabouts being much easier in the wet.

At the memorial service, as a newbie, I had to place the wreath which was a tad embarrassing - 5 old boys in suits and medals and me in my trainers and blue kagul with wet patch!

Although there were 5 or 6 of the forum there, only me and one other turned up in kits:

Zedster was in a right mess when I got back, so much so that I even had to wash him - shock!

The new LEDs continue to impress, although the high beam is not much brighter than the dipped. But with dipped being so good, it's not an issue:

In fact, I'm so happy with them, I've bought a set for the rears as well - hope to get them on in the next week or 2...

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