Saturday, 24 November 2018

The nut at the wheel

Recently, i have noticed a little way-wardness with the steering which i thought was just the wet and icy roads in this weather. But then, on my way home from work, I realised that I had a good 2 inches of play in the steering. I took the wheel off today and realised the main bolt holding the wheel into the column was loose. Thankfully a simple fix (adding some thread lock this time) and hopefully a return to go-kart level of directness.

Having decided that I wouldn't commute in Zedster too often, I've done just that for the last week. A combination of my old bones getting too cold on my motorbike and a very squared-off front tyre on said bike making the early morning ride a bit hairy, means Zedster has been the transport of choice.

One new problem at this time of year is being blinded by cars in my rear view mirror, so I've bought some anti-glare film for the mirror - fitted tonight, see how it goes.

Finally, I've continued to have wiring problems with the right, front DRL and indicator - I think the the wire was simply too short and vibrations were separating the spade terminals. So, I've added several inches of extra wiring to remove the tension - hopefully it will finally be fixed.

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