Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Fully fLEDged

Spent a couple of evenings fitting the rear LED units. Like the front, these are all-in-one (tail, brake and indicator) and were a mere £65. They came with a cheap, plastic surround which looks ok from a distance but they may need changing one day. I bought these because the surround may be cheap but it was the only one I could find where it was cut at an offset angle so it fit nicely on the curved rear wing with no fettling required.

Compared to the old, blocky lights, they look great:

The wiring would have been pretty straightforward had I not conspired to keep getting it wrong and putting the terminals in the wrong slot of the plug. I had to take the damn thing apart about 3 times,  even cutting it off once, while lying on my back with my head in the wheelarch.

But the result looks great, i think:

So, as the contrived title of this post suggests, Zedster is now fully LEDd up, back and front.

Edit: actually, not quite true - the reversing and fog lights are still normal bulbs - doh!

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