Sunday, 18 February 2018

Zedster's new clothes

With the weather being so cold, I haven't been able to get the painting of the wheelarches done. I was finally at home during the day this weekend and finished several coats of black on the one arch - it looks brilliant:

I initially only did the repaired arch, just in case the paint looked rubbish and i would have to resort to just buying a new arch to match the other side. Fortunately, I think it looks great, so I've primed the other side as well - no going back now. I've also put a thin silver pinstripe on the black arch - looks excellent but I'll save the pictures for when they're on.

Between coats of paint, i gave the car a wash, polish and applied the new sticker i got a few weeks ago:

Maybe it's just me but i flipping love it - I've totally fluked the colour and size and I just think it looks great.

My indicators went on the blink (strictly, that's exactly what they didn't do). After wasting some time on checking the bulb and wiring, turned out to be the indicator relay - the same brand (HC-Cargo) as my alternator that died a few months ago! Replaced it with a new one (unbranded)...

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