Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Old Grey Wheelarch Test

So with the arch damage repaired, time to try out the wrap...

... And let's gloss over that because it was a disaster! I thought the arch, being a small area, would be easy to do but it actually has a lot of compound curves and these are very difficult to wrap. I did a pretty decent job of the nice, flat areas but I just couldn't get the wrinkles out of the side pieces, despite liberal use of heat and repeated removal and application.

Got a flat area? Wrapping is great but any curves involved, don't bother.

So, back to basics - spray paint. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before as it's going well so far. Because of the cold weather, I've only managed the primer on the one arch (the instructions say not to spray in cold weather) but it actually looks quite good just in battleship grey:

Despite the cold weather, I've commuted in Zedster every day this week so far and that has been partly possible because even my prototype door is very good at keeping the wind (and hence cold) out:

However, what it has also shown me is that the plastic frame is just too flexible and flaps about too much. The thicker vinyl I will eventually cover it in would help but not enough, I don't think.

So, a metal frame it is - I've ordered the pieces (the company I've ordered from will cut it to the sizes I want) and Bob from the RHOCAR forum has kindly offered to weld it up for me (he did my VIN plate). At least the plastic frame is a useful template.

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