Thursday, 1 February 2018

Show me the money!

OK, this is a gratuitous post to get me a free car badge :-)

I've been trying to use basic 3D software to do a car badge for ages but I just can't do a decent job. Much surfing didn't help find me any off-the-shelf badges that did what I wanted.

I decided a sticker would have to do (at least for now), so, following a link from Richard's blog, I found these people. I have honestly tried a few other similar companies but this was the only one who allowed me to just design and order 1 sticker - all the others had minimum order amounts. Their design page is also very easy to use - highly recommended.

I won't ruin the surprise yet - I'll show you the complete result when it arrives.
And here it is!

Blatant money-grabbing over - although I was honestly just going to pay for the badge (£12) until I saw their offer on the payments page of a free purchase if I blogged - clever marketing.

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