Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Ice Age Zero

Holy cow, it's cold and just when I wanted to spray paint, an activity that requires reasonable temperatures!

Getting bored of waiting, I bought my paints and wheelarches into the house and spray painted in my study. I didn't quite stink out the whole house but the wife had a good moan.

 I had put some pinstripe vinyl sticker on one of the arches but I then tried to spray lacquer over it and the lacquer seemed to have an effect of shrinking the pinstripe, so much so that it lifted off the surface of the arch. So I had to pull it off, which left a gluey residue behind, ruining the nice finish and forcing me to re-sand the arch which I did badly (you following this?). Despite several coats of paint, I haven't fully hidden the scratches, so on close inspection, it doesn't look great:

This is with the lacquer on, so not sure whether to put the pinstripe on again - it did look good.

 My door frames have been welded up (many thanks Bob) and look great. I've approached a couple of local companies about sewing the material over the frame; one never called back and the other sounded very dubious and obviously had no idea what a kit car is. So, I'm going to try do this myself (gawd help us) - I've ordered a cheap sewing machine which may not be up to the job but it was only £25, so not the end of the world if it doesn't work out and I have started drawing up some vague plans - we shall see.

 Despite the cold this week, I drove into work a couple of times (too icy for my motorbike and I hate trains). I imagine I got a few strange looks but it was no colder than my motorbike and quite fun in the snow:

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