Sunday, 18 June 2017

The die is set

A few final adjustments; the speedo is programmable and reading the manual,  I followed the process (that I should have done before) to set it. I haven't gone out to test it but I know how to adjust it again if I find it's no good tomorrow. 

I took the nose off to get to the bottom hose clip and found that it was one of the cheap ones I had used at the start. I've replaced all the others with decent quality ones but I must have missed this one,  so a quick swap over to a decent one and hopefully that will stop the leak. 

I noticed that my handbrake light wasn't coming on which was a worry but I took off the gaiter and I could see that one of the plugs had come off,  so quick fix. 

Slight concern that my front indicators may be too low. They're supposed to be 350mm from the ground but the bottom edge is only 310mm after I lowered my front suspension to try improve the self-centering. The centre is at 340mm so I'm just hoping the tester is in a good mood. 

Finally,  some brake pipe over the headlamp bolt and edge trim on that bracket. 

And. It. Is. Done. 

IVA tomorrow - wish me luck! 

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