Sunday, 11 June 2017

Round the bend... and back

Success!  I have some self-centering and when I say 'some',  I mean like a vague suggestion of self-centering  if you squint sideways... but I believe that is normal and acceptable for IVA.

I'm not sure what fixed it but I did the following:

1. Lowered the front - it should be 10mm lower than the rear but mine was the same.
2. Reduced tyre pressures by 2 psi.
3. Switched the indicator cam round that sits between wheel and column. I don't have column stalks so I don't need the cam but Simon suggested I should leave it in.  When I took the wheel off,  I realised the cam was squashed in and didn't turn,  suggesting either it was in the wrong way or the wheel was tightened up too much (very likely for me).  So swapped it round - I may go back and loosen the bolt as well as that simply holds the steering wheel to the column and I don't think it needs to be as tight as I have it.

Much happier now...

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