Saturday, 17 June 2017

Mixed bag

Well,  an interesting day - drove about 3 miles to the garage for an emissions test.

First impressions of my car? It's very low! Everything else on the road towers over you.  A truck pulled up behind me at the lights and I was in its shade! It gets thrown off line by any reasonable size bump or hole in the road so you have to constantly adjust the steering. I think a session with a suspension expert post-IVA will be needed.

The steering is surprisingly light on the move and the brakes are improving all the time and the exhaust note sounds very promising for when I can give it some beans.

A problem however; my speedo is over-reading by a lot - OK up to 30mph but by about 45, it is showing 70, which is outside the tolerance allowed by IVA. Bugger...

Amazingly,   the whole emissions test went swimmingly.  Initially,  my CO figure was showing about 7 at idle,  when it needed to be below 0.3! And the HC value was 600 and needed to be below 200!

But removing fuel (lowering injection values) and retarding the ignition soon reduced them down to below the required levels.

At fast idle (2500 rpm), it was already quite good but a slight adjustment of the ignition map at the 3000 rpm site seemed to bring it right down to the required values.

I'm a bit worried that this was too easy - we'll see on Monday,  I guess.

The coolant leak is from the pipe at the bottom of the radiator and even with the car up on the ramp,  I couldn't get to it to tighten it. I'll have to take the nose off tomorrow to get access.

Also got the headlights adjusted so I just need to add some covering over the nut and bolt.

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