Thursday, 15 June 2017

Hotting up

Continuing with testing, I drove a mile or so up and down my road with the bonnet on for the first time, to see how the cooling system handled it.

While I was moving, it was fine - fan kicked in and temperature held around 96 degC. However, I sat idling in the drive for a while (testing all the lights, indicators etc still worked - they do) and then spent ages trying to get back into my garage (lots of revving) and the coolant temp hit 105 degC. Looked OK at the time but when I went to look this morning, I've lost a load of coolant from somewhere. It doesn't look like it came out of the header tank either, so I might have a leak in the system at high temps.

So, first job after IVA is to get bonnet louvres cut. I need to find someone to do that for me - I'll make a dog's dinner of it...

I can't get the self-centering any better so going to have to cross my fingers and hope the tiny amount I do have is good enough.

Booked in to a local garage on Saturday morning to test the emissions. I've spent some time with various sources trying to understand how to adjust the map and what the figures mean - should be interesting.

4 days to IVA...


  1. How fast is it supposed to go, this beast?

  2. Probably a max of 120 but I doubt I'd have the courage to go that quick - I'd be imagining all the bits that could fall off! More interesting is the 0-60 time of about 5 secs - that should be fun!