Sunday, 11 December 2016

The summit is visible

As I approach the end of this journey (deep,  huh?),  I'm slowed down more and more by little bits I haven't got; this week,  it's plastic electrical connectors to connect the rear lights to the loom.

I've made a list of what's left to be done before my first IVA fail :-)  - a mere 19 items. The most difficult is going to be the steering column shroud; as I'm not using column stalks,  the basic Sierra shroud is no use (well,  not quite true - if push comes to shove,  I could maybe get one and just re-cover it). I've got a sheet of ally ready to... er... make some sculptural magic.

Basically, front and rear wheel arches,  nose cone grill and indicator wiring,  speedo sensor setup, carpets,  seats,  seatbelts, boot panels and mirrors. I could probably get it done in a week if I had any holiday left from work...

But then there will be the inevitable missing bolts at some point.

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