Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Satan's Elves

Yeah, while everyone else was getting visited by the big, red fat man from the cold, Northern place, I was visited by the big, red man from the hot south and his thieving minions...

Tried to fit in a garage session between various families and friends but the elves have stolen everything - I was sure I had another tube of black gunk but I couldn't find it and I also thought I had some tadpole trim left for the rear wheel arches but no...gone. Very annoying...

Spent some time getting the final cabin panel (passenger side tunnel panel) right - cut-outs for rivnuts and holes drilled for the other end of the speed sensor holder I made many months ago. I also briefly tried to engrave the VIN number in the chassis rail but the stencil I've got is useless - still not sure how to get this done.

All this took a surprisingly long time (2 hours), although 20 minutes was spent searching for stuff.

I've ordered the 'missing' items and also a few other details I'm starting to find I need now; trim for the bonnet edge, rubber trim for the chassis rails that the bonnet will sit on, bonnet catches and pedal grip tape.

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