Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Stamping around

I guess couriers are kinda busy right now but my electrical connectors still haven't arrived.

What has arrived is a stamping kit to do the VIN number stamping. I could spend £30 and get GBS to do me a professional looking plate but seemed a simple enough thing to do myself.

Now,  my reading of the IVA manual says you only need 2 items on the plate; car manufacturer and the VIN number itself. GBS also add the axle weights but that is not required and how is that of any use or interest to anyone?

It just so happens that I need to cover the hole in the pedal box cover (normally to allow the Sierra brake fluid reservoir,  which I don't have,  to sit above the master brake cylinder) and that hole is VIN plate shaped.

So,  cut a plate out of ally and stamped 'GBS LTD' and the VIN number underneath. I'm afraid I've lost my phone so no photos at the moment but,  to be honest,  it does look pretty rubbish,  like it was done by a drunk ape. The saving grace was my genius idea of spraying black paint over the stamping and then wiping the wet paint off the surface,  leaving the black paint in the stamped characters - they show up nicely (if crookedly).

I also tried to stamp the chassis in the allocated space that GBS left in the O/S side panel,  on the top chassis rail but that didn't work - my stamp didn't do a neat letter in the powder coat. I tried sanding off the powder coat but then the stamp hardly made an impression in the steel rail, despite a decent hammering. I'll have to think about it...

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