Friday, 19 February 2016

Side effect

Well,  I think I've got the engine loom basically wired up. It's just a tangle of wires at the moment,  so the next step is to heatshrink and make it look more loom-like:

I decided it's finally time to fit the side panels as I think I've done most of the bits that need decent side access. Also,  once they're on,  I can finally fit the front brake lines,  front suspension and brakes.

I'm very impressed with the accuracy that GBS cut these panels to - started with the near side and it almost clicks into place,  apart from a little trimming needed where it meets the side crescents. I also had to widen the hole for the steering rack as I've raised it a little to clear the suspension mount,  so it was too close to the panel edge. I've drilled about 10 rivets in strategic locations and will rely on bond to keep it solid. This is it after drilling but not yet riveted or bonded:

I really like the quality feel of these panels - they're just so solid feeling.

I'm having a nightmare with the tap for the hole in the thermostat. I bought an M16 tap but didn't realise how many thread pitch sizes there are. First one was 2mm - too big. Then got a 1.5mm pitch tap - still too big! I've ordered a 1.25mm tap but to save paying through the nose,  I've had to order it from China,  so it's going to take weeks to arrive. Annoying... can't make a start on the cooling system until this is sorted...

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