Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Driller Killer

A post on the RHOCAR forum about my thermostat conundrum brought up an interesting suggestion - make a hole in the thermostat for the sensor. I'd already bought an adaptor from Emerald to fit into an M12 threaded hole which I thought was there but wasn't,  so why not make one?

Looking at the thermostat,  there are in fact 2 possible places this could be done; one on top,  one underneath. If it doesn't work,  I'll be trashing the thermostat but not a problem as the only other alternative (the water rail) doesn't need it.

So,  took the thermostat off and attacked it with a small drill bit to start with and opened the hole out with the largest bit I have,  10mm. I decided to go in through the top in the naive hope that it is less likely to leak than a hole underneath. Also,  the plug will be more accessible that way.  It looks pretty neat so far:


Can't do anymore until my new tap set arrives.

Minor milestone - I wired up my first sensor,  the crank position sensor:

I'll be honest,  the crimping isn't the neatest under the rubber there but it feels very solid,  so hopefully will be OK. Until my other crimping tool comes,  I can't really do much other wiring yet (JNIT again).

Finally for tonight,  I did some work on the pedal box,  fitting rivnuts for the lid:

And extending the hole for the clutch cable to go through.

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