Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dashing through the slush

OK,  we haven't had any snow yet this winter but I've cast my mind to dashboard design. I've decided to not have any column stalks so I need all those functions on the dash; indicators,  lights,  hazards etc.

About my only limitation is the indicator switch which I want near to my left hand when its on the wheel,  so I can indicate without taking a hand off the wheel,  hopefully.

Below are some layout mockups I did with paper - feel free to leave a comment with your vote :-)








The rectangular boxes are rocker switches for lights,  hazards etc. Most of my layouts have these on the right wing of the dash which makes the rest of the dash look neater IMO. Saying that,  I quite like no. 7 although my favourite is,  I think,  no.  5.

Opinions welcome.

UPDATE: found a very useful site which has a dashboard designer tool.

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