Sunday, 20 December 2015

Thor's Hammer

Well,  gave the postman a hernia:

I managed to carry it into the garage without putting my back out and first job was to trim some of the bell housing off.  To do this,  I vaguely mated it up to the engine, the idea being to see how much to remove to make the bell housing level with the sump. Unfortunately,  it was then I noticed something rather worrying.

I have bought the sump from Tiger to save some money over the Raceline sump. However,  the Tiger sump must be shallower as I've just realised that the flywheel is lower than the bottom of the sump,  by about 5mm or so:

This means that if I hit a bump,  instead of the sump taking the impact,  the flywheel might! That seems a very bad arrangement to me. I need to check the Tiger forum and see if it is a known issue and what they do about it.  Maybe they all fit sump guards?

Trying not to worry to much yet about my £1200 engine,  I then took a hacksaw to my new £800 gearbox - no stress then!

Before surgery (left) and after:


The next step was the clutch pivot - the old one has to be replaced by a new,  longer one. I guess I should have been warned by the large amount of effort needed to hammer the old one out. Getting the new one in took me an hour,  starting nice and gently with wood and gentle tapping and finally resorting to brute force with my 2.5 lb lump hammer:


The clutch arm itself took seconds:

Update: OK,  who noticed the schoolboy error? Yup,  there's something called a thrust bearing (I think) which I've put on the wrong side of the clutch arm. Could have been messy...  😟

I considered fitting the quickshift now but I think it will be tricky to get the gearbox in place with it on,  so I'll fit it once the gearbox is in. I'm also not quite clear on how the bolts go into the propshaft - they're a strange size and shape.

I can foresee a bolt problem soon - I haven't got any for connecting the engine to the gearbox,  so I'm going to have to work out what I need.

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