Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mounting excitement

My gearbox is being delivered on Friday - yeehaa! In celebration,  I added the last items that I can to the engine; the mounts and oil filter:

I cut a channel in the scuttle edge to allow it to fit over the firewall more easily and then used my newly-acquired ratchet strap to check it tightens up OK for when I finally bond it to the firewall -  should be OK.

Looking ahead,  I was considering building my own dash and covering it in vinyl but I'm going off the idea - I'll probably make a dogs dinner of it,  so the GBS fibreglass dash is the way forward.

I'm also starting to worry about the electrics - I have the main GBS loom but I don't want to spend £300+ on the engine loom plus more on the dash loom etc. So I'm hoping to buy flying leads from Emerald (who also do the ECU) and wire it myself. But I have no experience of car wiring and so many people seem to struggle with it. I've emailed Emerald about this - they were really friendly with another mail I sent them so hopefully they'll be able to easily suggest what I need.

And finally,  even more concerned about the Sierra stalks. I bought them off eBay but without any wires or plugs and I can't find any way of buying those separately.

Tough times ahead...


  1. Just to throw in an idea - you don't HAVE to go stalks;
    Switches on the dash are fine... check out Caterhams etc,
    I think CBSOnline etc will even sell you a row of switches which would just need mounting - if you like the style.

    you could even mock that up should be no need to alter the P&P loom, just plug into it, and if it doesn't pan out - invest in the GBS stalks option

    1. That's a cool idea! Probably annoying to live with day to day but an option. My other plan was to just use another set of stalks from anything else - I only want the basics and I'm sure it should be possible to just work out which wire does what?

      But thanks, I'll look into your idea.