Friday, 4 December 2015

Nailed it

I've spent about 2 hours scraping panel protector off with my nails,  the only way I've found of doing it without scratching the panels. 

I finally got the small trim delivered that would allow me of finish of the shroud which has been close to poking my eye out a few times. I'm afraid I haven't done a great job of making it look good,  which is annoying considering how visible it is. I don't like the tadpole trim and wish I could have used the small trim on both edges - it looks much neater. The tadpole trim flops about and is very difficult to get neat. 

I also had to spend ages with my Dremel opening out the holes on the rollbar supports. 

Looks OK from a distance but don't get any closer:

Lovely and solid,  though and so much nicer than the GRP of other kit cars. 

While I had opened a new tube of gunk,  I've fitted one of the inside side panels (yes,  more panel protector) and I'll do the other one next time:

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