Friday, 25 December 2015

Sitting comfortably?

I got a text saying I was getting a delivery and I assumed it was the small dowels needed for the gearbox,  so told my wife to expect a padded envelope - what turned up were 2 huge boxes containing the seats!

They look great,  I think:

... but they're a tight squeeze.  In fact,  so tight that I'm going to have to remove the plastic handle on the reclining unit and possibly the plastic cover as well. Hopefully,  it will be OK because I really like them.

The consensus is that my concern over the flywheel being lower than the sump isn't a problem. There are no reports of anyone ever having destroyed their engine that way and Tiger suggest making up a simple blanking plate to keep stuff from getting into the bell housing. I could actually buy such a plate from a company called Retro Ford but it's a bit big so I'll probably just make my own.

Very annoyed with myself about the thrust bearing which I put in the wrong way round. If I hadn't been browsing a couple of other blogs,  I might have left it like that and Gawd knows what would have happened when I came to try using the clutch for the first time. Very worried now about what else I could have done wrong...

The only local place I know about that sells 8.8 strength bolts is now shut until Jan 4th although I might try getting them off eBay - see if that's any quicker.

With in-laws here for Christmas,  I may not get much chance to get into the garage,  so Happy Xmas and New Year to whoever is bored enough to be reading my waffle.

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