Friday, 4 September 2015


JIT is the commonly used industrial system which stands for Just In Time, meaning you ensure that you order parts so they arrive just as they are needed. This ensures that you don't have to waste space storing stuff and you don't lose valuable building time waiting.

I am using the less common Just Not In Time (JNIT) system,  whereby you start something and then realise you are missing a fundamental part,  stop,  go indoors,  order the part and wait 3 days for it to arrive!

GBS are,  I'm afraid to say,  partly to blame here. I ordered brake caliper carriers and rear hubs from them,  for example - is it too much to ask to at least tell me when ordering which nuts and bolts I need for these,  rather than letting me find out when I come to put them on? Also a bit sneaky that I had to pay for them as well - why not include them in the hub costs?  They also forgot to send the main hub nuts but at least they sent them promptly when I called. Now I find that I don't seem to have the top front wishbone ball joints anywhere.  I've got the bottom tie rod ends,  so why not the top? I'm going to be pretty hacked if they try to charge me for them. And I seem to be missing 2 bolts for the front suspension...

As you can tell,  I tried to start on the front suspension this evening but because of these problems,  I could only get this far:

All just loosely in place before I consider how to continue.

I've vaguely done the rear brake lines:

Pretty much everyone else has re-sited that 4-way brake splitter as it is too low and I may do the same.

.... but I can't go any further until I get (yes,  JNIT again) a 40mm socket to tighten the hub nut,  then I can get the calipers on,  then the flexible brake lines...

I've been a bit remiss with the front caliper painting - I still need to do the other side. Did a coat tonight...

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