Monday, 14 September 2015

Action at the Front

Finally had something delivered that I could actually use - tap for the front wishbones and tie-rod extensions. Finally able to complete the front suspension:

I've torqued up the parts that won't need to come off again,  which is everything except the 4 wishbone bolts and tie-rod ends. Like others have done,  I plan to get the wheels on,  lower the car onto them,  shove the engine and gearbox in and then get all the engine bay done while the side panels are not in the way. When done,  the front suspension will all come off to get the side panels on and then I can finally fully torque up the front wishbones.

Sounds almost organised,  hey? Obviously,  it will never happen like that...

Should hopefully get the damn 42mm socket in the next day or two and I can crack on with the rear brakes etc.

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