Thursday, 10 September 2015

Crawling on

Starting to get really annoyed with this hub nut socket. I thought I'd measured it to be 40mm and so ordered that size socket. Arrived today - too damn small! Aaarrrgggghhhhh! Now have to go through the hassle of trying to return it and exchange for a 42mm socket. Yet more delay...

Steering ball joints arrived (hurrah) but can't fit them because I need a M18 tap to get the powder coat out of the wishbone thread (boo) - more delay.

Loosely fitted the steering rack to get a feel for it:

The steering column was a bit close to the brake pedal,  so moved the spacers round so there is a whole 3mm between the pedal and column - hope that's enough. As always,  I'm missing bits - this time tie rod extensions. Never heard of them before but pretty essential. Ordered from GBS,  along with some IVA covers for these parts.

Moved the 4-way brake splitter up 5mm or so - much better:

Yet another extra hole in my chassis 😊

The front calipers are finally done - not quite as good as the rears but OK from a distance:

I'm actually starting to run out of parts,  although frustratingly,  most of the parts on the car are not finalised; just loosely attached awaiting other bits. Actually quite impressive for me,  I'm normally very impulsive and would just throw everything on. I'm consciously trying to think ahead but not sure if I'm overdoing it at the moment.

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