Sunday, 20 September 2015

Comedy of Errors

Well,  the 42mm socket arrived - great! It's got a 3/4" drive and my torque wrench has a 1/2" drive! Cue many swear words. Back online to order a converter - one of the things I'm finding is that the normal high Street culprits (Halfords, Screwfix etc) do not do the larger size items like this.

The converter finally arrived and on went the hub nuts. My problem now is how tight to go. It is supposed to be done up to 250nm - my torque wrench only goes to 210nm. Worse,  I can't even get to that figure because I'm tightening a nut on a driveshaft which is designed to...  er... turn. I had a metal pole through the hole in the hub and against the chassis which got it on enough that I could lift the entire chassis on the torque wrench,  before the pole started to bend!

I'm not sure how much more to try - it's difficult to believe it could work loose (it's a nyloc as well) and some on the RHOCAR forum have said they just tightened as best as they could and didn't even use a torque wrench and haven't had any problems since.

I'll think on it - the nut is always accessible to tighten later.... in fact,  thinking about it,  I could probably tighten it once the car is on the ground and the other wheel and handbrake is on?

In the meantime,  I've got the discs,  calipers,  handbrake and brake lines all connected up:

I need to ask about the copper brake lines - everyone else seems to have P-clipped them to the chassis but they seem very sturdy the way I have them and because they aren't clipped on,  they're much further away from that handbrake cable than the others. Yup,  all OK -  IVA rules state they only have to be supported every 300mm.

You may notice that I have one solid rear brake disc whereas most people have twin ventilated discs. I bought mine before I realised I had the choice but there has been an unforeseen advantage -  there is much more space in the caliper for the disc,  with a good 2-3mm each side. This has meant it has been much easier to file the caliper carrier ends down (they're a couple of mm too long,  even after the powder coat is off). That one disc was enough to stop a 1600kg Sierra so I'm sure I won't be under-braked. And they were cheaper.

I've also filled the diff with oil,  properly attached the breather tube and fitted the rear stability bolt,  which was a bit tricky.

After the 93rd time of hitting my head on the roll bar supports,  I fashioned some protection for my head :-)

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