Monday, 8 January 2018

Southern exposure

As mentioned, I went on a trip out yesterday to Old Sarum airfield in Wiltshire and it was all very interesting.

The airfield is one of the oldest in the country, having opened in 1917 and it contains the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection which uniquely allows you to sit in various jet fighters of the last 50 years or so. A bit more interesting than the normal museum fare...

My hood performed well at all speeds up to 85mph except for the side straps. On one side, the rivet holding the popper in snapped which is my fault (I just need to re-do it more carefully) but a little more of a concern is that the special poppers that SoftBits provided don't seem to 'pop' together very well. As a result, the strap on the other side kept un-popping. I may need to call them and see if I've done it wrong somehow...

I left at 8am with an air temperature of about 3degC, which wasn't too bad. I was actually colder when I stopped at the airfield and got out of the car - the wind chill must have made it -10 degC at least!

But worth it for the picture:

...and the drive there was particularly fun with so little traffic, although less so on the way home as the Sunday drivers came out.

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  1. Your tall windscreen looks like it makes all the difference with the hood, just that little more space to get in/out, and decent visibility with the hood up.

    Cold days do make for good pictures!