Saturday, 6 January 2018

Hats off

Finally, I have a roof and it is amazing:

Now, I have cocked it up a bit, despite all my careful measurements, and the hood is slightly askew, hence the ripple in the pic above (I think I can sort that out using the adjustment straps on the side) BUT it makes such a difference!

I had always assumed that most of the windblast came round the windscreen rather than from above but, obviously, my knowledge of aerodynamics is worse than I thought. The roof cuts out about 80% of the windblast and makes a drive, especially in the cold like today, so much more comfortable. A true revelation and easily worth the £250 investment. Yes, getting in  and out is a little tricky but not as bad as expected and visibility is unaffected.

I have an early trip out tomorrow to meet up with some people from the RHOCAR forum near Salisbury, a good 2 hours each way - looking forward to it.

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