Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dig that booty

I bought the GBS boot cover and what a great move that was - a superb piece of kit that fits really cleverly around some complex shapes. It's so well done that fitting only took an hour.

The cover has little white dots painted around the edge so you don't have to do any measuring - fit the cover,  drill through the white dots and the rear panel and then rivet half of the press studs:

The only issue is that it isn't possible to get the rivets tight against the rear panel due to the design of the press studs,  so they all spin round and might be a bit rattly on the move - we'll see...

With the aid of a £3 kit off eBay,  fitted the other half of the studs through the cover and on it went:

Looks good and should keep the boot mostly dry in the rain.

My current concern is the darn VIN number that has to be stamped into the chassis. As mentioned previously,  I tried stamping and made hardly any impression (literally) on the steel rail. I then tried engraving - disastrous:

A kind member from the RHOCAR forum has offered to weld a stamped tab on but I would need to cut away some of the side panel and then there is a fuel line very close to where it needs to be welded - all a bit dodgy. I've tried practicing stamping again but this time with my big old lump hammer and that seemed better - I actually made an impression. So I think I'll give that a last try tomorrow...

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