Sunday, 8 January 2017

All the trimmings

The tadpole trim finally arrived from GBS (strangely,  I couldn't find it anywhere else) so I could make a start on the trim around the rear wheel arches.

This took much longer than I expected; first I had to cut triangles out to allow it to make a smooth bend around the arch:

I marked regular points and then scored the rubber with a Stanley knife, finally cutting along the scores with a small plier-type cutter. Only near the end did I realise that the knife was able to score almost through the rubber and I could just tear the pieces out! That would have speeded up the process no end and saved the blister on my hand from the cutter.

Sticking the trim on using the infamous gunk was also a slow process; did a short section at a time,  clamping at the start and then at points along the arch:

While they dried,  I fitted the passenger tunnel panel; gunk and rivets:

So many little bits to do; stuck some rubber on the top chassis rails for the bonnet to sit on,  trimmed the tabs off the scuttle,  riveted the VIN plate onto the pedal box lid and put IVA trim on the nose cone.

I wanted to make a start on  the front wheel arches but I couldn't work out which way round they go (they're the 'sports'  arches which aren't symmetrical). Asked a question on the GBS forum...

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