Sunday, 22 January 2017

Harlequin wires

To complete the wiring for the front side indicators,  I ran out of black heatshrink so I had to resort to the smaller, multicoloured pack I had left - quite a pretty  result,  I thought:

Shame I covered them with a boring black sleeve...

Next step was to get those front arches on - paper on the tyres to stop any gunk getting on them,  bit of sandpaper to roughen up the powder coat for the gunk to get a decent hold and then the infamous stuff itself:

The arches have a notch in them for the arch support to sit in,  which I assume ensures they are in the right place for IVA,  so no complicated measuring needed. Not sure if there is a proper way of making them sit right - I just went by eye and put a tin of paint on top to hold it in place while it sets.

Once it's dry,  I've bought some light metal mesh which I'll layer lots of gunk on and then bend the mesh round the supports - should ensure it all stays in place.

Started to try design a steering column shroud. I've got half of a Sierra shroud but I'm not sure whether to use it - it sticks out too far. Started on making my own but it's a tricky shape and not sure how best to attach it to the column,  although there are a few options.

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