Saturday, 10 September 2016

Switched on

Been a bit of a detour as I had problems with my motorbike over the last week or 2.

Also, after the excitement of starting my engine,  my PC decided to get the mother of all viruses and crawled to a halt. This meant I couldn't run the Emerald software. I've wiped my PC and installed Ubuntu but I've had a few problems getting it working with the Emerald software. However,  I think I've got it working so I'll try that next time.

However,  I've decided I need to get the wheels on and roll the car out the garage for engine tuning - it's too dangerous in my garage because the fumes build up very quickly when the engine is running,  especially as it's running very rich at the moment.

In the meantime,  the Carling rocker switches arrived and they are superb - lovely quality,  lovely illumination, superb movement and the same price as the rubbish ones from CBS:

Also finally got round to finishing off the accelerator pedal,  with a home-made pedal stop:

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