Monday, 26 September 2016

Skid mark

Well,  finished the skid pan/bash plate (whatever its called) and,  to be frank,  it's poo.

This is what I was trying to cover up:

But without being able to get the car high up in the air,  it's very difficult to get the holes drilled in the right place. The result doesn't actually look too bad:

But it singularly fails to do its main task - there is still 5mm or so gap through which debris can get to the bellhousing gap. OK,  it's better than it was and it feels very solid so might help if I do hit a speed bump but still the worst piece of work I've done so far. Fortunately,  it is out of sight and it isn't a critical part of the car in any way.

Front suspension mostly complete but just need the IVA cover for the tie rod (ordered from GBS).

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