Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Not my Finest Hour

Spent the last couple of garage sessions trying to make a skid plate. Not normally needed but I bought a sump from Tiger,  which leaves the bellhousing an inch or so lower that the sump itself,  with the flywheel visible and,  in my eyes,  susceptible to road debris. No-one on the Tiger Owners forum seems concerned and there are no reports of issues but I don't like it.

I ordered a sheet of ally 3mm thick but that was a mistake - it's too solid to work easily. I've made a right pigs ear trying to get it to work; left 2 extra holes in my chassis rails I really don't want (although they will eventually be covered by the plate but it grates on me). I've re-ordered a 2mm thick sheet so I'll try again. I got this far:

You can probably see the extra holes... I'll use this as a template for the thinner sheet. I don't want this to protect the bellhousing but more as a dirt shield and for that,  I need to bend the edges. This 3mm sheet is just too thick to bend,  even with a hefty lump hammer.

Added most of the front nearside suspension but,  as usual,  halted by lack of nuts and washers. I need to find the elf in my garage that keeps stealing them...

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