Monday, 12 October 2015

Revenge of the Gunk

I thought I'd done very well last time in not getting gunk all over me or anywhere it wasn't supposed to go.  Well,  made up for that tonight.

The problem was that the gunk had solidified in the nozzle so I had to take it off and try unblock it. After that,  it was like some slapstick routine - gunk slowly oozed out of the main tube so I couldn't easily put it down. I had one hand trying to hold the tube and clear out the nozzle with the other hand,  using a screwdriver. Screwdriver drops on the floor,  tube oozing inch long worm of gunk,  I stand on the screwdriver which sticks to my shoe. I wipe the worm of gunk onto the chassis roughly where it needs to go for the next panel,  which I then realise I haven't taken the white plastic layer off.  Spend next 10 minutes frantically scraping the layer off,  trying to get the screwdriver off my shoe and keeping an eye on the main tube,  which is oozing again. You couldn't make this stuff up...

Finally got some control and got these 2 side tunnel panels on:

Thankfully,  these are not on view because there is overspill of gunk all over the place.  Having p-clipped the brake line along the tunnel (my first p-clips),  finished the LP fuel lines to the tank and having some control over the gunk,  I decided to bite the bullet and fit the main rear panel. Hopefully I won't regret this but should be OK as I only have the loom left to go into the back...

Just after this,  I also left a little message on that panel,  should anyone one day strip the car down :-)

Very satisfying to finally get stuff permanently attached - no going back now.

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