Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Gunk overload

No big step forward but lots of consolidation.

I'd put the large driver side tunnel panel on and that's the last panel for the foreseeable future. As there was still a third of the gunk left in the tube and it would probably be rock solid before I needed it again,  I decided to go nuts and fill as many gaps as I could as well as going over some of the existing runs. Bit messy in places but it's not visible so not a problem.

Cable-tied the LP fuel lines to the brake pipe:

I realised i hadn't tightened the pedals,  went to do this and found the central tube wasn't sticking out of the bush enough to press against the washer,  so the pedals were rock-solid. I had to take the clutch pedal off and file the bush down to finally allow the pedals to be tightened up but still rotate freely.

Connected the swirl pot up to the LP fuel pipes:

Fitted some rivnuts and added brackets on ready for the HP fuel pump

... and then,  disaster - the bottom inlet pipe on the fuel pump is far too big for the 7.6mm fuel pipes I've got. Either I need some sort of adaptor or I've got the wrong pump. Bugger!

I wanted to tighten up the steering rack but the clearance on the off-side between the rubber gaiter and the wishbone bracket was non-existent - literally touching. So,  with my months of engineering experience,  I made a spacer out of some metal bar I had lying about. Fitted this under the existing bracket and voila - a whole 5mm of clearance. My feeling of pride over this tiny bit of Heath Robinson jiggery-pokery is out of all proportion to the difficulty involved - love it.

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