Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Looming ahead

Soon after the terror that was the gunk comes the unadulterated horror of the wiring loom. OK,  a tad over-dramatic and in fact,  it's so well-labelled I'm not sure what I was so worried about:

I'm just getting this roughly in place so that I can make a start on the rear panel soon. But quite a bit of work needed; I need to sort out a good place for the chassis earth and build up a connector for the fuel pump and the speedo sensor (GBS kindly include some spade terminals and plastic connector blocks - just need to work out how best to make them).

The HP fuel pump disaster is not too bad - the company I got the pump off says there shouldn't be any problem using an adaptor to link a 12mm pipe to 8mm,  which I've done:

I'll have to keep an eye on it when I finally get to the point of starting the engine, to make sure it doesn't leak.

Gearbox mount was delivered but I'm a little confused how it fits in:

I finally took the plunge and ordered the Smith's instruments from GBS - I just couldn't find anything else cheaper or better looking.  I ordered them about a week ago and while on the phone to GBS about another subject,  they said the instruments would take 4-6 weeks to arrive as they are specially ordered. I was in no rush BUT guess what arrived in the post 2 days later?

Finally tonight,  while away over the weekend in Bruges,  I found the perfect finishing touch to my garage:

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