Friday, 27 July 2018


Argh!! After all that work, i put it all back together and...still rattling! In fact, it's  worse!

BUT I think i know what it is now - step forward Mr Starter Motor.

To get the sump off,  I had to take the starter motor off (in fact, I just unbolted it and moved it aside). When I came to put it back on, I noticed that the main body was a little loose. It has a base that bolts on to the bellhousing but the main body, I believe has a couple of long , internal bolts that hold it on. I don't know how and why but something has come loose internally and I'm almost certain (again) that is my rattle. Definitely. Maybe.

So, do I blow another £100 or so for a new one? I drove to work today and the rattle is unbearable so it looks like I'm going to have to, and pray that is the problem.

On the plus side, after 2 months of baking heat and clear skies, today was the first bit of rain BUT I have doors and a roof - and they work! The doors are awesome; really solid, no flapping about and the windows work really well. They're just clear plastic with velcro on 3 sides, so you just pull it down and, voila! In fact, the doors are so good, they kept all the engine heat in as well. Horrendous today when it was still around 30 degC but will be great when normal British weather returns.

So, more expense...great, kitcars, aren't they?

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