Thursday, 19 July 2018


I wasn't getting anywhere trying to find the rattle UNTIL I cleaned up the sump in preparation to taking it to a local welder to fill in the hole. With it cleaned, a magic symbol appeared:

See that ring? That is where the oil pickup sits and no way should it be making that mark. That means that it is touching or maybe occasionally touching and making my rattle?

The pickup felt very solid when i took the sump off so I'm not sure if it is the rattle but it certainly should be at least a few mm off the bottom of the sump. I thought about trying to bend it but it's steel and thick - not easily bent. Then i looked a bit more closely:

Can you see how the end has been welded on the tube? It's offset by a few I'm going to take it to the same bloke who welded up my sump and see if he can re-weld the end on but better that it was done originally. If that works, it should give me the few mm clearance i need. Basically, i seem to have got a 'friday afternoon' sump kit from Tiger!

I mentioned the sump - the guy has done a good job:

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