Sunday, 19 November 2017

Return of the Growler

Sadly, no chance of getting the alternator replaced under the warranty - the fact that it had only been used for 2 months cut no ice with the manufacturer. I looked around for a secondhand one but nothing showed up. I decided to just clench my behind and buy a new Denso - GBS swapped the pulley off the broken one so that I could buy the slightly cheaper V-belt Denso they now sell and they let me off the postage, so I saved £25, I guess. Still annoying...

So back on the road and went out for a brief run this morning to check all OK. Finally found a car almost as low as Zedster:

A Lotus owners club meet:

I'm not sure why but Zedster is sounding more growly and feels quicker than ever - must be a bit more run in, I guess.

Finally found a straight bit of quiet road to try out a 0-60 time but only managed 7.2 seconds because it was a bit damp and the wheels basically spun for the first second or 2. When I tried mashing the throttle a bit more, I spun the wheels for even longer - great fun but not conducive to a fast time. I'll probably have to wait for spring and the roads to dry out. 

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