Sunday, 26 November 2017

Dangers of the carwash

Now, I'm not much of a washer and polisher - my bike hasn't been washed in about 2 years (and I commute most days on it in all weathers) and our family car still sports the mud splatters from our October camping trip.

But after changing the banner photo of this blog, I realised Zedster was looking a bit of a state. So out with bucket and sponge and he was soon looking sparkling again (there's not actually much to clean). Now, this is where I went wrong - years ago, in a fit of madness, I washed my bike and it refused to start. I must have got water in a connector somewhere and, fortunately, it dried out by the next day and started OK. However, since then, I've got into the habit of going for a drive after a wash, to ensure everything's still OK and to speed up any drying out needed. Today was no different and so after the wash, I popped out for a refreshing blast.

But, disaster, despite the roads being dry and clear, my route down some back roads went past a farm and the tractor had obviously been out - I got splattered:

So, after no wash for 3 months, Zedster got 2 in a day (even I couldn't leave it like that). Next time, I'll stick to main roads only for my post-wash drive.

Softbits have finally admitted they made a mistake with my roof, so the correct one is under construction.

A couple of cold commutes to work made me re-think my outfit. I've got a new, down-filled jacket which is amazingly light and warm but my head is frozen. However, while following my daughter round Primark, I spotted a deerstalker and it felt amazingly warm, although it looks a bit stupid, to be honest. But for £5, it's amazing and my first trip out in it today was a revelation - toasty and warm - genius!

Despite the mud splatter, my short drive out was great fun and I'm not sure why, but Zedster is sounding great at the moment. I don't know if something has actually changed (and I might do a check for exhaust leaks) or if I've just not noticed before but there's a lovely bass note to the exhaust which sounds great at anything above idle.

Hoping this isn't the kiss of death but kit car life is good right now...

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