Saturday, 2 February 2019

New year, new challenges

First post of the year? Wow, I've been slacking...

I've found myself commuting to work in Zedster almost every day now, partly because my bike still needs a new front tyre and partly because I just enjoy it. My commute is only 10 miles on country roads and it takes 5 miles before the engine warms up and I get any heat but it's no colder than my bike and warmer for the last 5 miles, so no problem.

The armrest fitted last month is awesome - stops a huge draught I used to get and prevents any water splashing up - genius!

Exciting news - I've booked my first track day! Through CKC  magazine  (I got a subscription for my birthday), I'm going to Llandow circuit near Cardiff in May. Only £95 and only kit cars, so no nutters in jazzed up Corsa's to worry about. Hugely excited - let's hope I don't break Zedster.

I do need to sort out some brake judder I've got, before the track day. I'll start with a trip to Kwik Fit to check the wheels are balanced right - it might be that simple (I doubt it but  anyway...).

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