Sunday, 14 October 2018

The pressure tells

I decided it was time to sort out my oil pressure gauge -it has never worked. I emailed Smiths and they sent me some details of how to test the gauge and sender - turns out they're both fine, so the problem was my wiring.

Rather than trying to fix my existing loom (which would have been a nightmare), i just cheated and ran a new wire from the sensor directly to the gauge, pretty much on the same route the loom took anyway. Fiddly and hard to route but i finally have a working oil pressure gauge and hopefully, i won't get worn big end bearings again.

Also spent some time tightening the fan belt (squeals a bit when cold) and raising the rear nearside suspension - it seemed to have settled a bit and I kept grounding the seat bolts on that side.

I've had a couple of occasions recently, on gloomy country roads,  where oncoming traffic has had a problem seeing me, so i think it's time for DRLs. Also, if i sit in traffic with my headlights on, i can almost see the battery voltage dropping, so LEDs are a good idea. I've ordered some all-in-one units which seem a bit cheap (£65), so i hope they're ok.

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