Friday, 21 September 2018

Miracles Happen

Well, would you believe it - I've only gone and fixed it!!! I'm a sure-fire, certified, one-in-a-million ENGINEERING GENIUS!

Ok, sorry to go over the top but this was SO far outside my comfort zone as to be in the next continent. Even when I was thinking about my build, I always knew I was NOT going to go inside an engine. I obviously know the basics of how an engine works but bearings, caps, journals, galleries - these were all alien words to me and I had enough to learn.

But now I know so much can tell from my earlier posts how frustrating and depressing it was BUT having done it, I'm on cloud 9 - it's so (and sorry to use a hippy, tree-hugger word here) uplifting to have successfully done something you never dreamed you'd be able to.

When I said I had screwed up the timing process last time, I don't think I had. Embarrassingly, I think I had just not put the HT lead on the plug of cylinder 4 properly, so I was running on 3 cylinders - doh! However, I still re-did it after getting the camshaft sprockets loosened and running fine.

Stretch bolts arrived, torqued up, sump on, oil in and Zedster fired up almost immediately - and the rattle was GONE! Beautiful...quick 10 mile drive to check all ok and I am a properly happy builder. Hopefully, I can spend some time driving now and less in the garage.

Anyway, enough drama - I'm off to France tomorrow at 4.30am in Zedster - talk about cutting it fine! No hotel booked (I had to cancel it because I didn't think I was going to get Zedster ready), so should be exciting (and the weather forecast is bad). Let's see if I get as far as the Eurotunnel....

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