Thursday, 30 August 2018


This is getting annoying now...

After a stupidly expensive 2 week holiday which has not relaxed me and ended badly (long story), I'm still not much closer to resolving my problem.

What is so frustrating is how no-one can pin the problem down - I've spoken to several mechanics, posted videos and pictures to various forums and I've got suggestions that point to every part of the engine! Every time I think I have found something, someone else comes up with another theory.

So, current situation; Simon (ex-GBS) and 1 or 2 others think it's top-end, not bottom end. As it's easier to take the top off, I've done that and checked the valve clearances. All are fine EXCEPT one intake valve on cylinder 3 which is on the limit (0.11mm gap). This is unlikely to be the cause of my rattle as tight valves don't make a noise but I need to fix it anyway, which involves taking the camshafts out to replace a shim. While they are out, I should be able to check the valve springs aren't loose (?), which might cause the rattle and maybe some other stuff (hopefully, Simon can make some suggestions about what to check).

Once done, and assuming I don't find a problem, looks like I will need to go into the bottom end and do/check the big-end bearings. If they aren't the problem, then it's a problem that will need the engine out and engine stripping, not something I have the time, space or tools to do.

This is a real low point in the life of my kit car journey - I've honestly contemplated just sticking the whole thing up for sale and cutting my losses. If I can't fix this, that may be my only option...

One plus is that the DVLA have agreed to give me a new registration, after I sent them a letter explaining how i incorrectly filled in one of the forms and that, actually, all my parts were new (except the gearbox). So i now have a 17 reg plate and i can maybe buy a private plate in future (if i ever get back on the road).

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